Project Description

Web Design

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Educational Tuition

New website design & vivid colour palette set in a cleaner, easier to navigate layout for an educational organisation. New fonts for a cleaner, tighter, professional look and pages that highlight the stories and experiences of the organisation to communicate the advantages of tuition for children.

Water Aid Charity

Key information about water scarcity was used to inform people about the future of water in third world countries and how people can help to ensure they can contribute to averting a water disaster. Communicate the importance of the cause to resonate with site visitors; ensure water scarcity had weight, meaning and value.

Fostering Agency

Foster Care Link is a small team of dedicated professionals devoted to the promotion of fostering and recruitment of families to foster. This inspirational organisation has key concepts that we identified and extracted to help us when we did a full branding and website design for them.

Residential Children’s Home

Colour palette and typeface allows message to come through more clearly – that it’s a safe place where understanding and best care resides. Using a softer, more cartoonish feel, mixed with corporate elements, created a sense of familiarity for kids – without losing important empathy and care.

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